30 October, 2022



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GEFF2022 Special Events

Along with our 6 online film programs, GEFF2022 facilitates special events in the form of live screenings and panel discussions about extractive industries and their impacts on specific places and peoples. These events are (co-)hosted by GEFF’s partners.

GEFF2022 x De Pinguin x De Schuur: Ascension (On-location Festival Opening, October 26)
The Great Green Wall (October 27)
Cultures of Extraction: A Roundtable (October 27)
Animal Protection in the Media: A Panel Discussion (October 28)
GEFF2022 Watch Party by Ecological Futurisms (October 26-27)

GEFF2022 Special Event 1
GEFF2022 x De Pinguin x De Schuur: Ascension

October 26, 7.15pm (CET), De Schuur, Haarlem, the Netherlands

On Wednesday October 26 at 7.15pm (CET), GEFF2022, in collaboration with De Pinguin, will, as the official on-location opening of the festival, screen Ascension in film theatre De Schuur in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Come and join us for the screening of this compelling documentary about China’s industrial supply chain by director Jessica Kingdon! With a discussion afterwards with Anika Timmerman from GroenLinks Haarlem and Teun Otte from Extinction Rebellion Haarlem, moderated by Sander van der Weert from De Pinguin Haarlem (who will also introduce the film together with GEFF co-founder Emiel Martens).

GEFF2022 x De Pinguin x De Schuur: Ascension
Date: Wednesday October 26, 2022
Time: 7.15pm (CET)
Location: De Schuur, Haarlem, the Netherlands
Title: Ascension
Director: Jessica Kingdon
Country: China and the United States
Year: 2021
Length: 97 min
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English
Tickets: schuur.nl/film/ascension

GEFF2022 Special Event 2
Africadelic2022 x GEFF2022 x Bijlmerbios: The Great Green Wall

October 27, 7.45pm (CET), Bijlmerbios, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

On Thursday October 27 at 7.45pm (CET), GEFF2022, in collaboration with Africadelic, will be showing The Great Green Wall in Bijlmerbios in Amsterdam. Come and join us for the screening of this award-winning documentary featuring Inna Modja on her epic journey along Africa’s ambitious Great Green Wall project, intended to fight climate change and support communities across the Sahel region.

Africadelic2022 x GEFF2022 x Bijlmerbios: The Great Green Wall
Date: Thursday, October 27, 2022
Time: 7.45pm (CET)
Location: Bijlmerbios (Egeldonk 50, 1103 AK Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Title: The Great Green Wall
Director: Jared P. Scott
Country: UK and Senegal
Year: 2019
Length: 90 min
Language: English, French, Bambara, Tigrigna, Hausa
Subtitles: Dutch
Extra: The Grand African Clean-Up (2021, 23′) and an introduction by Just Diggit
Tickets: bit.ly/the-great-green-wall-bijlmerbios

GEFF2022 Special Event 3
Cultures of Extraction: A Roundtable

October 27, 3-4.15pm (CET), BuzzHouse, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This roundtable brings together artists and researchers whose work engages with extraction. The invited panellists will discuss how the logic of extraction operates in various domains of human civilisation, including for example the cultural sector and global supply infrastructures. They will also address extractive logics in our collective relation to the Earth and animals, health, race, and global currency systems. We hope that the roundtable can generate a conversation with the audience and invite attendees to share their own experience of or perspective on extraction.

Speakers: Bogna Bochińska, Damian Borovsky, Olivia Brown, Erica Callegaro, Toni Pape (moderator), Gizem Şentürk

This roundtable will be held on location at BuzzHouse (University of Amsterdam), but can also be followed online via https://uva-live.zoom.us/j/82091139178.

GEFF2022 Special Event 4
Animal Protection in the Media: A Panel Discussion

October 28, 4-5.30pm (CET), BuzzHouse, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The growing attention for the protection of animals, often in relation to nature and the environment, is also apparent in the media – they literally ‘frame’ the theme. But how do people who work for animals in sectors like science and politics view these ‘frames’? Do the media really help put animals on the public agenda? Can films properly portray the relevant issues and pose the right questions in appropriate images? How do the panelists use the media to create awareness of animal lives, and what reactions do they get to their public appearances? And of course, what are their favorite films of GEFF2022’s Animal-Human Relations Program?

Participants: Leonie Cornips, Marjolein van Rooij, and Karen Soeters
Moderator: Maarten Reesink (Centre for Animal-Human Studies NL, Media Studies, University of Amsterdam)

This panel discussion will be held on location at BuzzHouse (University of Amsterdam), but can also be followed online via https://uva-live.zoom.us/j/81154529133.

GEFF2022 Special Event 5
Watch Party by Ecological Futurisms

October 26-27, 2-6pm (GMT+1), Ambika P3, London, UK

Ecological Futurisms is excited to hold a watch party of films selected from the Global Extraction Film Festival (GEFF) 2022. We invite you to join us for this pop-up screening at Ambika P3, London on Wednesday 26 & Thursday 27 Octover, both days from 2–6pm. Come along to watch a selection of films from the GEFF2022 that bring attention to the impact of extractive industries, climate change and the activist work and resistance that seeks to imagine and bring about a different future. The watch party at Ambika P3  kickstarts the research project and network Matters of Extraction led by Roshini Kempadoo, with more events to follow. With the Global Extraction Film Festival offering the unique opportunity of free live streaming of hundreds of films for a limited period, we encourage you to join us and others to watch and discuss a selection of these films together on a large screen.