The Legend of Buchi Fil (E leyenda di Buchi Fil)

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Title: The Legend of Buchi Fil (E leyenda di Buchi Fil)
Director: German Gruber Jr.
Year: 2008
Country: Curaçao and the Netherlands
Runtime: 23′
Language: Papiamentu
Subtitles: English


Based on a poem by acclaimed Curaçaon poet Pierre Laufferm, The Legend of Buchi Fil (E leyenda di Buchi Fil) is a short narrative about the Antillean legend of Buchi Fil, the strongest slave who ever lived. Every morning all the slaves, on their way to work, take their hat of for the Shon, the plantation master. All slaves, except Buchi. He always walks with his head held high. The Bomba, the plantation’s supervisor, becomes obsessed with breaking Buchi Fil. It is only when his beloved wife, Mosa Nena, is being sold, that the proud enslaved African cracks. Buchi Fil’s final act shows the power of his spirit and his love.

The Legend of Buchi Fil marked the graduation project of Curaçaon filmmaker German Gruber, Jr. at the Utrecht School of the Arts. After his graduation, Gruber set out to make Sensei Redenshon, the first Curaçaon martial arts film (entirely spoken in Papiamentu), which is also for rent at YardVibes (click here).

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