Onbekend Onbemind (Unknown Unloved, 2015) is a 40-minute documentary on the Surinamese LGBT community in both Suriname and the Netherlands. Homosexuality and other alternative forms of sexuality are still often considered taboo in the (Dutch) Surinamese community. In an attempt to break their silence, this upcoming documentary provides a platform for members of the Surinamese LGBT community to share their personal stories about the difficulties they experience because of their sexuality.

The documentary is an initiative of a group of young filmmakers from Suriname and the Netherlands, including Sabrina Sugiarto (director) and Quincy Lisse (camera and editor). With their film they hope to foster a space for engagement and dialogue around sexual diversity and discrimination of LGBT people in Suriname and the Netherlands.

Caribbean Creativity served as one of the official supporters of Onbekend Onbemind.

Dir: Sabrina Sugiarto | 2015 | The Netherlands / Suriname | Short documentary

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