Protecting Tomorrow

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Title: Protecting Tomorrow
Director: Natural Justice in collaboration with Distory
Year: 2023
Country: South Africa, Madagascar, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya
Runtime: 42′
Language: English
Subtitles: English


Protecting Tomorrow was produced by Natural Justice and showcases the courage and resilience of African Environmental Defenders in the face of threats and reprisals – and even assassinations. The documentary provides a voice for communities in Madagascar, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya who are confronting major development projects, infrastructure initiatives and extractive industries – and are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect the natural world.

Defenders in Africa are often silenced, marginalised or overlooked, and yet they are on the frontlines of both the burgeoning climate crisis, but also the fight to protect biodiversity, land and climate from the ravages of business and government. By showcasing their experiences, Protecting Tomorrow seeks to build solidarity among defenders and movements at the forefront of this fight. It hopes to inspire collective action, resistance and resilience at a time when reprisals against defenders are at an all-time high and when environmental justice is more urgent than ever.

Through heartfelt testimonials and eye-opening accounts, Protecting Tomorrow unveils the risks and dangers that environmental defenders endure but also their steadfast determination. The documentary calls on participants and stakeholders to act in solidarity with these defenders and take concrete steps to support their cause.

‘With our world inching closer and closer to the 1.5-degree warming limit, climate change is an urgent threat to health, food supplies, biodiversity, and livelihoods across the globe. People lose their culture and livelihoods due to the greed of our leaders. We must stop them by raising our voices.’ – Baraka Muchumu, Environmental Human Rights Defender, Tanzania.

‘Through this documentary, we shed light on extraordinary individuals who refuse to be silenced. Their unwavering dedication is a powerful reminder that defending the environment is about safeguarding our planet and the fundamental rights and freedoms we hold dear.’- Nyaguthii Chege, East Africa Hub Director, Natural Justice.

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