Kingston: The Heartbeat of the City

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Title: Kingston: The Heartbeat of the City
Director: Ryan Eccleston
Year: 2021
Country: Jamaica
Runtime: 38′
Language: (Jamaican) English
Subtitles: English


Downtown Kingston is the epicenter of trade, commerce and culture in Jamaica’s capital. This city has seen many comings and goings, but the one constant has been the push cart. Transporting goods, food, materials and services, not many think of how important they are. And the men who make, repair, rent and take care of them as well as the women who make a living from these pushcarts. If they stop, Downtown stops. If Downtown stops, Kingston stops. The push cart really is the ‘heartbeat of the city’. This short documentary investigates the complexities of the push cart industry and presents the ins and outs of what it means to people of Downtown Kingston and wider Jamaican society.

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