Kingston Paradise is an award-winning Jamaican urban drama starring popular Jamaican entertainer Christopher ‘Johnny’ Daley. The film transports the viewer to the edgy streets of Kingston, where Jamaica’s ghetto dwellers are trying to survive day by day amid poverty, corruption and crime. Finding himself stuck in the violent ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica, a sympathetic street hustler (Christopher ‘Johnny’ Daley) devises a daring but no-so-clever plan to steal a fancy sports car, right under the owner’s nose, after which things rapidly go downhill until he gets to the bottom and begins to realize that he has to change in order to fulfill his dreams. Kingston Paradise has entirely been shot on location in downtown Kingston – the old city grid with its tiny lanes and alleys, historic buildings, tenement yards, colorful shops, overwhelming sound systems, chaotic business streets, and nostalgic harbor. The movie presents Kingston as a lived space characterized by the everyday dynamics, experiences, and relations of its residents.

Caribbean Creativity served as executive producer of Kingston Paradise.

Dir: Mary Wells | 2013 | Jamaica | Urban drama

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