26 December, 2020


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YardVibes: Launch New Streaming Platform for African and Caribbean Films

Caribbean Creativity has launched a new streaming platform for films from independent African and Caribbean makers: YardVibes! As from Friday, December 11 onwards, the Vimeo on Demand page of YardVibes offers 30+ titles for sale of rent, from feature films and web series to documentaries and short films, with more titles to be added each month.

To celebrate the launch, four titles can be rented for free during the first two weeks: the Haitian/Bahamian documentary My Father’s Land (2015), the award-winning Gambian migrant drama Gifts from Babylon (2018), the new Jamaican web series Crazy Jamaican Bwoy (2020) and the restored Jamaican feature film No Place Like Home: Redux (2019), the highly anticipated sequel to The Harder They Come (1972).

Visit the YardVibes film catalogue:

Visit the YardVibes Vimeo channel:

YardVibes contains films that are often not readily available in film theaters or on television. Often they are films that Caribbean Creativity has previously shown at one of their screening events in a film theater or at a film festival in the Netherlands, but just as often they are newly acquired titles that can be viewed online for the first time. All films can be rented for a modest fee, which will largely benefit the makers.

The film streams that are available include 8 African and 11 Caribbean productions:

Ayanda (2015, South Africa)

Golden Fish, African Fish (2018, Senegal)

Liyana (2017, Swaziland and the United States)

The African Who Wanted to Fly (2016, Gabon, France, Belgium and China)

This Land (2019, South Africa)

Welcome to the Smiling Coast (2016, The Gambia and the Netherlands)

Art Connect (2013, Trinidad & Tobago

Black Hair (2018, Trinidad & Tobago)

Crazy Jamaican Bwoy (2020, Jamaica)

Four Days in May (2017, Jamaica and the United States)

Green & Yellow (2016, Trinidad & Tobago)

Jamaica for Sale (2009, Jamaica)

Journey to Jah (2013, Germany, Switzerland, Jamaica and Italy) https://vimeo.com/ondemand/journeytojahfilm

T&T Trilogy: Breaking the Cycle, From Gangsta to Pastor and I Don’t Call It Ghetto (2018-2019, Trinidad & Tobago)

The Seawall (2011, Guyana)

In addition, four unique titles can be rented free of charge during the first two weeks:

* My Father’s Land (2015), a Haitian-Bahamian documentary never shown in the Netherlands about a Haitian migrant who has lived undocumented in the Bahamas for 40 years: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/myfatherslandfilm

* Gifts from Babylon (2018), an award-winning Gambian-Dutch short film that after its premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival has been shown at over 60 film festivals worldwide: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/giftsfrombabylon

* Crazy Jamaican Bwoy (2020), a Jamaican mockumentary web series done with English subtitles especially for YardVibes: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/crazyjamaicanbwoy

* No Place Like Home: Redux (2019), the long-awaited sequel to the Jamaican classic The Harder They Come (1972) by director Perry Henzell, which, after years of being lost and then restored, can finally be seen in all its glory: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/noplacelikehomefilm (only available in the Netherlands)