15 July, 2011
MC Theater

Polonceaukade 5 Westergasterrein, Amsterdam


Join us:

Yard Vibes (Edition 1) with Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast and Hit Me With Music


Friday July 15 we kick off with the first edition of ‘Yard Vibes’!

We begin at 18.00hrs with a Caribbean BBQ on the big, sunny terrace of Toko MC, with outside sound system.

This is followed by the screening of two highly entertaining Jamaican films made by ‘Nice Time Productions’ in the MC Theatre. At 20.00hrs we show ‘Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast?’, and at 21.45hrs we have the Dutch premiere of ‘Hit Me With Music’ (see the trailers below).

The party continues at Toko MC, with massive reggae and dancehall sounds from Jahva Sound, Drunken Lion Sound, Mudde (Boston Strip Soundsystem) and Wazari Sound.

So join the vibe of our yard.
Come dine, lime & wine with us at the new hotspot of the Westergasterrein!