02 February, 2020
Filmhuis Cavia

Van Hallstraat 52-I, Amsterdam

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Marley75: Countryman (1982) | Cavia


Op zondag 2 februari, de tweede dag van het Marley75 Film Festival, vertoont Filmhuis Cavia om 17:00 uur eenmalig de ultieme Jamaicaanse rastaklassieker Countryman (1982)!

Een mooie ‘rasta double bill’ met Journey of the Lion (1992), die om 19.15 uur in Cavia draait: www.caribbeancreativity.nl/events/marley75-journey-of-the-lion-1992/ www.facebook.com/events/473419690273265/. Voor slechts €7 kun je beide films bezoeken!

Marley75: Countryman (1982) | Filmhuis Cavia
Datum: Zondag 2 februari
Tijd: 17:00 uur
Venue: Filmhuis Cavia (Van Hallstraat 52-I, Amsterdam)
Titel: Countryman
Regisseur: Dickie Jobson
Land: Verenigd Koninkrijk/Jamaica
Jaar: 1982
Lengte: 102 min
Taal: (Jamaicaans) Engels met Engelse ondertiteling
Tickets: €5* aan de deur. Reserveren is niet mogelijk. Kaartjes kunnen vanaf een half uur voor aanvang aan de bar gekocht worden.

* Filmhuis Cavia accepteert de Cinevillepas.

Een Amerikaanse piloot en zijn vriendin, neergestort op Jamaica en verdacht van spionage, worden verborgen door Countryman (Edwin ‘Countryman’ Lothan), een Rasta die hen voorlicht ovder de Bijbel en Reggae, terwijl Amerikaanse soldaten het eiland afspeuren. Countryman, geregisseerd door Dickie Jobson, de voormalige manager van Bob Marley, is een ode aan de Jamaicaanse King of Reggae en bevat veel nummers van Bob Marley & The Wailers (en andere grote reggae-artiesten van dat moment), waaronder ‘Natural Mystic’, ‘Rastaman Chant’, ‘Rat Race’, ‘Jah Live’, ‘Ramble, ‘Small Axe’, ‘Time Will Tell’ en ‘Pass It On’.

Countryman is a cult Jamaican movie from the early 1980s. The story begins when a young American couple crash their plane into the mangrove swamps off the coast of Jamaica. A Rastafarian fisherman named ‘Countryman’ comes to the rescue, saving them from a hungry alligator and taking them to his cave hideaway. Whilst at the cave Countryman nurses the couple to health, bringing them supplies of fresh fruit and Ganja. The crash causes some concern amongst the government and political forces attempt to portray the crash as political interference from the CIA, instigated by the rival party. As the movie progresses, Countryman is able to exhibit many special abilities, some of which are physical and some are supernatural. He can rapidly sprint barefoot over sharp rocks, use his mystical powers to control the weather and fight with kung-fu skills which would rival Bruce Lee. It is implied that these are derived from living a righteous life, in harmony with nature. Countryman uses these skills to outwit Obeah (spiritual magic with sinister undertones, similar to voodoo) and fend off attacks from government troops and their hired thugs. As well as showcasing the mysterious countryman character, the movie also conveys the mood of the rustic Jamaican countryside, from the ramshackle Hellshire fishing village and Rastafarian religious ceremonies to illicit obeah dens and cockfighting rings.

Countryman was the first film to be released on Chris Blackwell’s Island Pictures. The film was the directorial debut from Dickie Jobson, a long-term associate of Chris Blackwell. The lead role of the film is played by Countryman, a Rastafarian fisherman from Hellshire Beach. Countryman is a well known character in the Hellshire area and is well known for his spiritual personality, athletic ability and trademark attire of swimming shorts and nothing else (not even shoes). The character of ‘Countryman’ is an exaggerated version of the real life man, fleshing out the unknown aspects of the life of this enigmatic character whilst leaving him steeped in mystery.

JamaicaTravelandCulture.com (2013)

The soundtrack of Countryman features a role call of the biggest Jamaican reggae artists.

1 Natural Mystic (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
2 Rastaman Chant (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
3 Theme From Countryman (Wally Badarou)
4 Rat Race (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
5 Jah Live (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
6 Ramble (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
7 Rebel Music (3 O’Clock Roadblock) (Rico)
8 Sound System (Steel Pulse)
9 Mosman Skank (Aswad)
10 Small Axe (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
11 Sitting & Watching (Dennis Brown)
12 Bam Bam (Toots & His Mayals)
13 Ooh! Aah! (Fabulous Five)
14 Wisdom (Jah Lion)
15 Carry Us Beyond (Human Cargo)
16 Dreadlocks In Moonlight (Lee Perry)
17 Time Will Tell (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
18 Theme From Countryman (Wally Badarou)
19 Pass It On (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
20 Guidance (Wally Badarou)
21 Obeah Man Dub (Wally Badarou)
22 Theme From Countryman (Wally Badarou)

JamaicaTravelandCulture.com (2013)

Op 6 februari 2020 zou Bob Marley 75 jaar zijn geworden en daarom organiseren wij het Marley75 Film Festival verspreid over verschillende venues in Amsterdam (en Rotterdam)! Van 1-16 februari slaan Caribbean Creativity, Melkweg Film, De Balie, Rialto, Studio/K, Filmhuis Cavia, Oxville Cinema, Theater Vrijburcht, Paradiso Noord – Tolhuistuin, Reggae Vibrations en LantarenVenster de handen ineen om de Jamaicaanse King of Reggae te eren. Tijdens het Marley75 Film Festival zetten we Marley, zijn muziek en zijn geboorteland in het zonnetje en vieren we zijn leven en legacy met premières, klassiekers en feestjes.