15 August, 2015

Ceintuurbaan 338


Join us:

Fiesta Latinoamericano Cuban Style

For the opening party of World Cinema Amsterdam 2015 we are bringing sweet latin vibes in Rialto. In collaboration with our Muchachas Borrachas, we present the third edition of Fiesta Latinoamericana, a latin dance party in the tradition of ¿Que Pasa?, this time in Cuban style!

After a day of great Cuban films (Conducta, La obro del siglo, Caballos and Cuba in Short), we enter the night with the sweet tropical sounds of DJ Fernando (El Punto Cubano) and DJ Armenio (Guacamayo Tropical), who will raise the temperature on the intimate dance floor to tropical levels. Of course we will also have the necessary empanadas and cocktails throughout this festive opening party. In short: ¡vente de fiesta con nosotros hasta caer rendido (‘party with us until you drop’)!