The First Rasta

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Title: The First Rasta
Director: Hélène Lee
Year: 2011
Country: Jamaica and France
Runtime: 140′
Language: (Jamaican) English and French
Subtitles: English, French and Spanish subtitles

This DVD of The First Rasta contains:
* The film in three languages (English, French and Spanish subtitles)
* 40 minutes of bonus music
* An exclusive interview with Hélène Lee
* A beautiful booklet written by the director (in French)


Based on Hélène Lee’s celebrated 1999 book of the same name, The First Rasta offers a compelling portrait of Leonard Howell’s life (1893-1981), the initiator and catalyst of the Rastafari Movement, considered by many as its founder. The film follows the trail of a forgotten and overlooked, yet central character in the history of this movement. With a mix of archival footage and interviews of the members of his first community, The First Rasta makes a fascinating documentary, moving at times, describing the life and personality of a man who, beyond the founding of the first Rastafari community of Pinnacle, has laid the foundation of one of the first globalized visions of a world of peace and justice.

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