Sebastian Visser
Event producer

Sebastian Visser serves as event producer at Caribbean Creativity since 2016. He graduated in Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam in 2015. Before that he studied at the University of Wolverhampton and completed a full semester at the Cinema Studies Institute of the University of Toronto in 2014. Sebastian has been a cultural advocate while working for the Mondriaan Fonds for the past seven years. He is experienced in international communication management and was head officer in promoting Dutch artists in New York and facilitating the development of their careers at institutes such as The Guggenheim Museum, The Museum of Modern Arts and the Museum of Arts & Design.

While in Canada, Sebastian worked at Toronto International Film Festival as part of the division in charge of event and publicity coordination. In the Netherlands he worked at international art fairs that were held in Amsterdam as well as Rotterdam. He also writes for the film section of the Bassculture Islands Magazine and has been studying Spanish since September 2015.