Douwe Dijksterhuis

Douwe serves as the secretary of Caribbean Creativity from the very start of the foundation in 2008. He has a background in Anthropology and is one of the founding members of the Dutch Rastafari consciousness group Each One Teach One. He has done extensive research in Jamaica on the different discourses within Rastafari and in the Caribbean province of Costa Rica, Límon, on the social history and religious culture of Afro-Costa Ricans. His fields of interest include Caribbean religion, Rastafari, Jamaican (musical) history, and Caribbean identity and resistance.

For the last ten years Douwe has been teaching history and social studies at secondary school level interspersed with visits to various Caribbean islands, such as Dominica, St. Maarten, Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica. In his spare time Douwe plays guitar in a reggae band in Amsterdam.