Caribbean Creativity regularly organizes Caribbean and other minority film (and music) events in Amsterdam. At present, we host six film (and music) events: Reggae Vibrations, Afrolijk, DocuDoka, Fiesta Latinoamericana, Yard Vibes and Rootical Vibrations.


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Reggae Vibrations (2017-present)

Reggae Vibrations is a bimonthly roots reggae night at Paradiso in Amsterdam featuring the best sound systems. Initiated by Reggae Movement in 2015, Reggae Vibrations provides a vibrant platform for reggae art and artists. Each edition offers a varied program of national and emerging international artists and also aims to bring other cultural expressions such as film and food. Caribbean Creativity joined the organization of Reggae Vibrations in August 2017.

Afrolijk (2016-present)

Afrolijk, meaning ‘Afrojoy’, is a joyful night out for the African and Afro-minded community in the Netherlands with film, music, food and art from Africa and the Afro world. Africa stands of course for Africa, but also for diversity, creativity and solidarity, and that all urban and funky, and both upbeat and laid-back. Afrolijk is a collaboration between Caribbean Creativity, Dudes in your Face and Afrolosjes.

DocuDoka (2016-present)

DocuDoka is a bimonthly film and discussion night at club Doka, located at the basement of the Volkshotel Amsterdam, were we critically explore the adverse impacts of globalization. Every two months we discuss an urgent issue in today’s global society on the basis of a documentary and discussion with special guests. DocuDoka is an initiative of Caribbean Creativity and Dudes in your Face in collaboration with Volkshotel.

Fiesta Latinoamericana (2014-present)

Fiesta Latinoamericana is a Latin film and music event hosted by Muchachas Borrachas, a collective of predominantly women who share a passion for Latin American popular culture and want to enrich and diversify the film and music scene of Amsterdam. Inspired by and paying homage to ¿Que Pasa?, the prominent musicamestiza party in Amsterdam of the previous decade (2002-2012), this ambitious women collective aims to reclaim a regular night for latin lovers. The Muchachas Borrachas, which maybe literally means Drunken Ladies, walk straight to their target, being enthusiastic, determined and dedicated to provide the latest Latin American films and music styles to a broad audiences. The name ‘Muchachas Borrachas’ is also intended as a wink to the sexual exploitation of latin women in art history and contemporary (design) art, where they have been and are still often portrayed as accessible and available to the male viewer. The Muchachas Borrachas aim to provide subtle commentary on these stereotypical representations and its underlying mechanisms of exotification and erotification, and to show the strength, passion and spirit of Latina and other women by organizing a socially and culturally empowering Latin film and music night in Amsterdam.

Yard Vibes (2011-present)

Being the ‘light version’ of Rootical Vibrations, Yard Vibes is an Amsterdam party in Jamaican (dancehall) style that fuses film, music and cuisine. In Jamaica, a yard party is a community celebration – liming, chatting and dancing in the ‘yard’ with your friends and family. Yard Vibes transfers this relaxed vibe to Amsterdam and hails the original yard in the Caribbean through images, sounds and tastes. Yard Vibes is an initiative launched in 2011 by Caribbean Creativity and is regularly held in different venues across Amsterdam.

Rootical Vibrations (2010-present)

Rootical Vibrations is a cultural event that offers a unique Caribbean experience through rasta film, roots reggae and ital food. The event spotlights the positive vibrations of Rastafari and provides a platform for Rasta artistic expression. Central to the event is the film screening. Each edition of Rootical Vibrations we select a quality movie (often a Dutch or European premiere) that relates to Rasta culture and invite the filmmaker to join us for a (Skype) Q&A. The night traditionally opens with a Nyabinghi drum session and continues after the film with a performance by an emerging reggae artist. DJs spinning groovy reggae tunes eventually closes the night. Rootical Vibrations is unique in its kind. Launched in 2010 by Caribbean Creativity in collaboration with the Dutch Rastafari consciousness group Each One Teach One, it is the only event in the Netherlands, perhaps even in Europe, that screens Rasta-related films on a regular basis. Rootical Vibrations has become a household name among the Rasta and Reggae community in the Netherlands, drawing large and committed crowds each edition.