Blipster Chronicles (2017) is a feature-length documentary showing the lives and times of Afro creatives in the Netherlands. Blipsterism is a state of mind of black youngsters between their twenties and thirties who are alternative, independent, creative and love art and artistic expression. This subculture originated as a counter-voice to mainstream art. Blipsters are more or less the dandies of the 2000s, people who see art as a necessity to express who they are. Blipsters, literally Black Hipsters, have become increasingly visible in Dutch society. In Blipster Chronicles, director Noami Wills powerfully captures their stories; stories that are key to change the outsider representation of black people and celebrate the strength of the black creative community.

Emiel Martens, CEO of Caribbean Creativity, serves as story editor of Blipster Chronicles, which is expected to receive its world premiere in late 2017, early 2018.

Dir: Naomi Wills | 2017 | Nederland | Documentary

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